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A Consultancy to Empower

SDGI Consulting - Sweden is the operative part of the network. It serves as the main office for external relations, projects, as well as the focal point for the organisation. SDGI Consulting - Sweden provides advisory services in project design, implementation, knowledge management as well as capacity building. Registered as a company, it embodies the essence of social entrepreneurship and is thus also financially independent. SDGI Consulting - Sweden is located in Stockholm and holds company number: 559267-1670.

How We Work


SDGI Consulting - Sweden’s provides strategic advice to international organisations, civil society and private companies alike. We can provide short term consulting as well as longer advisory engagements. Our clients maintain full ownership of all processes and solutions as SDGI Consulting - Sweden only provides the technical scaffolding needed to effectively plan, draft, implement, monitor and evaluate a project or programme.

SDGI Consulting - Sweden has well documented experience with United Nations Development Programme toolkits as well as European Union Common Security and Defence Policy advising, mentoring and training.

SDGI provides capacity building workshops and professional training for practitioners. While our workshops are the main platform for our advisory services, professional training is our modus operandi for direct transfer of knowledge.


Our workshops are highly interactive and guide practitioners through a set of processes which enables practitioners to better formulate interventions, preserve institutional memory and ensure that their resources are maximised over a period of time. All SDGI workshops require a rather high level of thematic knowledge and professional experience.

Professional Training

SDGI training differs from our workshops as they provide the possibility for practitioners to operationalise thematic subjects. Our training is tailored towards organisations and individuals that wish to better formulate and position themselves with within a subject matter.

Online Training

SDGI Consulting - Sweden has developed it’s frist online training. In an increasingly digital age, we are committed to reducing the cost of transferring knowledge and bringing our work closer to the people people in the field. Read more about our online Basic Photography Training for Peace Security and Development Monitoring. The training can also be delivered live.

SDGI provides capacity building workshops and professional training for practitioners. While our workshops are the main platform for our advisory services, professional training is our modus operandi for direct transfer of knowledge.

Operationalising the Rule of Law *

SDGI provides a wholistic view of Rule of Law as a system based on a set of principles for observing human rights while limiting the use of arbitrary power and force on the individual.

Planning for Change

SDGI Consulting - Sweden advises on result based project planning and design. We can provide assistance in all necessary steps from project planning, strategy design, implementation, to monitoring and evaluation.

Reporting Against the SDGs

The SDGs were formulated as a global call to action. They are a recognition that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and fulfilling human needs. Learn how to report against global goals.

* The SDGI model is based on an explanatory model developed by the founder of SDGI while working for Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA).
No cooperation between SDGI and FBA is herein implied.

A Holistic Approach to Project Planning

The SDGI LFA Chart

The SDGI Logical Framework Approach (LFA) Chart can be used to take a programmatic approach to planning and result based management. It can also facilitate organisational planning and institutional capacity building.

Our chart has been applied by EU CSDP Missions and NGOs alike. It was integrated in the 2015 EUPOL ’Advising at a Strategic Level Handbook’ and used in delivery of pre-deployment courses and capacity strengthening exercises.

Selected Thematic Projects and Clients

Peace and Reconciliation

SDGI supported the work of The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights (SFHR) and Swedis/Colombian NGOs in their work before The Colombian Truth Commission.

Security Sector Reform

SDGI has been registered with the Zurich based International Relations and Security Network since 2007.

Civil Society and NGOs

SDGI advised ACOCGUA, an indigenous umbrella organisation in Guatemala on projects, outreach and facilitated a hearing in Swedish parliament.

Child Protection

SDGI advised La Maison de La Gare (MDG), a local CSO in St. Louis, Senegal on project management, organisational development and child protection.

Social Responsibility (CSR)

SDGI has advised various SMEs on production chain transparency and human rights based approaches to business.

Professional Training

SDGI Consulting - Sweden has held guest lectures at Oxford University and Middlesex University Dubai on sustainable development. SDGI was also invited to deliver modules on advising and project planning at CMC Finland pre-deployment training.

Local Outreach - Global Goals

SDGI advised DeedaProductions on the feature documentary ‘Talibé - Least Favoured Children of Senegal’.

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