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For Peace, Security and Development Professionals

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  • Over 30 online video lessons

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The Camera as a Tool for Documenting Your Work

In a world saturated with images, photography is often overlooked as means of documenting change. Understanding the fundamental aspects of photography is a valuable skill when working in the field. This basic training will prepare you for making the best use of photography and your camera as a tool for documenting peace, security and development related issues in complex theatres. It will make you comfortable using any advanced photography equipment at your disposal during your deployment.

Is this training for me?
  • This training is for professionals already in the field or who are about to be deployed to a mission.
  • Professionals working with or reporting on human rights, pace building and peace keeping or any humanitarian and development issues.
  • Anybody who wants to become confident in working with any type of camera.
  • It is highly recommended that you have a camera which allows you to manually control the settings.
  • Regular internet connectivity and a computer, tablet or smartphone to access the online lessons.
  • Good commend of english - the training will as a start only be available in english.
  • No prior knowledge of photography is needed.

€ 199

No refunds or returns are possible for online content.

Included in the Training Box


Photography in monitoring
Professional ethics and practices

Based on ample experience from the field, learn about the ethics of photography while working in peace security and development. Make use of the camera and photography as an important tool for documenting change and a source of in-depth information.


What constitutes an image?
Image theory and composition

Composition, light, timing, communication - familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of image theory in order to start taking photos that will enrich your communication and reporting in the field.


Moving beyond automatic
Anatomy of image exposure

Get to know the functions of your camera and gain confidence in using the right settings for the right purpose. This module will give you the tools you need for good image exposure. Start making the most of your equipment at hand.


Working with file formats
Formats, applicability and traits

Learn about different formats, their applicability and traits in order to chose which format is best suited for your purpose.


Training Compendium

Access and download, notes, exercises and reflections for practitioners. Can be used during and after the training.


Show that you know how to combine your professional skills with photography. Take the quiz at the end of the training, send your score, and receive your well earned certificate.

Continued Learning

Lifetime access to an exclusive online training forum. Share your photography and experience while building on your skills thorough alumni peer reviews.

Scheduled Group Discussion

Possibility to participate in one hour online discussion with the trainer and other practitioners that have completed the training (group sessions are pre-scheduled and subject to availablity).

Delivered Live in 2021

Aspiering Rohingya Photographers - Cox Bazar

A tailored version of the BPPSDM Training was delivered live to young aspiering Rohingya photographers living in the Cox Bazar refugee camps, Bangladesh. The training was delivered in cooperation with the local Rohingyatography network.

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Delivered Live in 2020

The European Union Monitoring Mission - Georgia

The BPPSDM Training Modules and all thematic content was delivered live to EUMM. For enquires about the setup, duration, fees and how to tailor it to your operational needs please feel free to drop us a line. Write “Live Training” in the subject of your e-mail.

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The Trainer

"Keeping the world close"

Fallckolm has over 15 years of experience in international peace, security and development cooperation. He has worked with both the UN, EU and Folke Bernadotte Academy (the Swedish agency for peace and security) in countries such as Afghanistan, Senegal, Georgia and Myanmar. He is a Leica Fotografie International and Leica Master Shot featured photographer. His work has been published and featured in number of magazines, and used by a broad array of clients such as international organisations and government agencies. He is also the co-founder of Field Photography Collective. Read more on his website.

Considering what to bring while monitoring or reporting on peace, security and development? Read the article here.

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